And my top recommendations for making meaningful improvements (and thereby increase income)

Supporter Experience is the term used to describe the way supporters feel when they are interacting with a charity. The experience is malleable and ever-evolving with every touch point, as well as cumulative over time.

Supporter experience’s more mature cousins, customer experience (CX) and user experience (UX) seem to be regarded as much more scientific, quantitative, and influential measures. I would like to argue that this shouldn’t be the case and outline how I think we can catch up to the private sector.

Most people intuitively understand that…

And how a new online tool from the Chartered Institute of Fundraising can help signpost the path forward

There’s no denying it. 2020 has been a very rough year for charities.

From disrupted service delivery to massive gaps in fundraising income, many charities are having to take a step back and take stock of their priorities and ambitions moving forward.

It has, of course, also been a very rough year for us as individuals. Despite all the turmoil, we have seen an almost equal and opposite reaction in altruistic acts and human kindness. From WhatsApp support groups for vulnerable people to Captain Tom Moore’s record breaking fundraising efforts. People want to feel good about something. In a sea of uncertainty and fear, it feels good to do something kind.

This is…

The Performance and Supporter Insight team at The Children’s Society. John, Anne, Jamie, and Magid.

Many charities struggle to meaningfully measure email success. Sure, we all look at the clicks and the open rates, but how often do we actually use data to properly inform our comms planning? And even when we do, it tends to be in team silos rather than organisationally.

Anne Ewen, Senior Supporter Journeys Manager, and Magid El-amin, Senior Analyst, at The Children’s Society had kindly agreed to come and speak at a charity meet-up about what they have been doing to improve supporter engagement over the last couple of years. I’m so glad that they did!

Anne and Magid presented…

For international charities as large and diverse as Greenpeace, ensuring that all communications are supporter-centric can be a challenge. I spoke to Mustafa Ozkulahci, Supporter Journeys Manager at Greenpeace International about how they ensure that supporter engagement is baked into all teams’ processes.

Mustafa, or Musti, helps to develop and roll-out strategies across all 26 Greenpeace offices worldwide. As you may have guessed from his job title, his focus is on supporter journeys. What makes supporter journeys a priority? …

Hi, I’m Anna Hessenbruch and I’m the Supporter Experience Strategist for the NSPCC. I also sit on the Supporter Experience Special Interest Group committee for the Institute of Fundraising, and chair the Supporter Experience Network for charity professionals.

I have created this blog to shine a light on how charities are improving supporter engagement, so that the rest of us can learn and take inspiration.

For those wondering, supporter experience is the same as customer experience (CX) but for people supporting a charity in some way. Put more eloquently by Giles Pegram,

“The supporter experience can be defined as the…

The Supporter Engagement Blog

I’m Anna, and this is my blog to document some great tools and approaches being used by charities to improve supporter engagement. All views are my own.

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